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last updated: 8 July 2006

Welcome to Balance, a site dedicated to the former Dark Jedi and former bounty hunter, the now Jedi of the lightside: Zekk. Yup, no last name for this guy. Why should he need one? Most of his fans happen to like him just the way he is: an angsty, sometimes snarky, pilot and Jedi.

So, hopefully if you've stumbled across this site, you know something about who this character is. But if not, I encourage you to go and read his biography. I promise you, you will not be dissapointed. Aftter all, how many characters in the GFFA can own up to titles of Dark Jedi, scavenger, Jedi, bounty hunter, Jaina Solo's first boy toy, and more? He might be a minor character, but he holds a major place in the heart of his fans.

Anyway, sign up for the fanlisting (cause a boy needs to know he's appreciated), read any fanfic and excerpts I've posted, and revel in all things Zekk! Hope you enjoy this small site. Catch ya later.

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[star wars, zekk, and all other mentioned characters, etc. are copyrighted to Lucasfilms. any art or novel excerpts are copyrighted to their various GFFA authors/artists. this site is just a fun tribute to one of my favorite characters.]

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site opened: january 20, 2005