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When he was young:
Zekk (last name unknown) was born on the planet Ennth, which would experience tidal and seismic disasters every eight years due to its extremely close proximity to its moon. During one such cycle, at age nine, Zekk was orphaned (real parents unknown) and left to fend for himself. He escaped off planet on a supply ship, and hopped from ship to ship until finally stowing away on the Lightning Rod, the freighter ship owned by Peckhum. Peckhum unofficially adopted by the boy and the subterranean levels of Coruscant became his new home.

Enter Trouble:
When Zekk was around the age of eleven, he befriended the most unlikely of people: Chief of State Leia Organa Solo's nine year old twins, Jaina and Jacen. Although the circumstances of their meeting are unknown, they quickly became the best of friends, especially Jaina and Zekk. The two of them were quite the troublemakers, getting chased by Coruscant guards while swimming in a public fountain, reprogramming the animals at the Holographic Zoo, and more. However, more often than not, the Solo twins would accompany Zekk on some sort of scavenger mission in the underworld of the city planet. Zekk always had a knack for finding random, yet valuable objects which Peckhum would then sell. No one suspected this street urchin's talent was a manifestation of the Force.

When He Was Bad:
When Zekk was round the age of 16, the Second Imperium founded a Shadow Academy, where Brakiss trained Force strong youths to become Dark Jedi. Zekk was recruited and agreed, wanting to be able to prove himself to the galaxy, especially to Jaina. He quickly became Brakiss's favorite pupil. After killing Vilas, Zekk was bestowed with the position of Darkest Knight. He led the Shaodw Academy on a raid of Kashyyyk to obtain ship parts, and then against the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. There, he faced off with Jaina in a lightsaber duel, trying to prevent the wounded Jedi from entering the temple, which was set to below. She refused to kill her best friend despite his attempts to kill her, and brought him back to the light side. Zekk's refusal to let anyone into the temple saved many more lives.

Enter the Bounty Hunter:
Despite Jaina's (and everyone else's) persistence that he should stay at the academy and train to be a Jedi, Zekk couldn't stay on Yavin 4 any longer than necessary, and left. He decided to go into the bounty hunter profession, figuring his skills would be able to bring him good bounties. Still, he consistently managed to run into his Jedi friends, eventually teaming up with them to stop Nolaa Tarkona and her bigoted Diversity Alliance. It was also around this time that his feelings for Jaina completely shifted to something more than friendly; the scoundrel was falling in love with his best friend. Eventually, they defeated the Diversity Alliance and destroyed the Emperor's Plague. Finally, Zekk felt ready to begin training as a Jedi.

When He Was a Knight:
So, Zekk joined the Jedi Academy and became one of the New Republic's guardians. He worked successfully to avoid the dark side, and even one the 93rd Blockade Runner's Derby on Ord Mantell. In addition, he and his friends topped Black Sun from overthrowing the fragile New Republic. Zekk also joined in the fight against the Yuuzhan Vong, although he specifically wasn't heard from again until Anakin's strike team mission to Myrkr. Sadly, he lost many friends during this fight, and became estranged from Jaina in subsequent events, unable to deal with his friend falling to the dark side of the Force. During the final parts of the battle with the Vong, Zekk was bonded to a seed-partner and provided a Sekotan starship. Aside from being one of the few Jedi to survive the conflict, little else is known on Zekk's current activity in the GFFA.